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Austin Air Healthmate Portable Air Cleaners

Austin Air Healthmate Portable Air Cleaners

  • How They Work
  • HEPA Technology
  • Pre Filters
  • Activated Carbon

The Austin air Healthmate (HM-400) Air Purifier uses an effective and classic HEPA filtering system in order to remove the toxins from indoor air; it is able to remove most contaminants from the air including pollen, dust and chemical vapors. The filtering process that the contaminated indoor air goes through can rid it of any contaminants that may trigger symptoms in people who suffer from asthma and allergies. The removal of the chemical fumes and odors from the air is also helpful for people who suffer from chemical sensitivity.

The pre-filter is able to remove all large particles in the air. The smaller particles are caught by the next phase of the filtering system. The HEPA filter can eliminate 99.7% of all particles that are 0.03 microns in size and larger.

The Austin Air HEPA filter in the Healthmate contains almost 15 pounds of activated carbon and zeolite; this granular compound of chemicals specializes in neutralizing odors and removing and fumes from the air. The HEPA filter itself is made of 60 square feet of pure medical HEPA that is pleated to fit inside the system.

Once the air is released from the air purifier, it has been through the entire filtering system, including the effective carbon and zeolite compound. It is free of fumes, odors, pollen, dust and other particles that may be present in the air.

The Austin Air filters have a 5-year lifespan. The main filter life of these units is backed by a prorated limited warranty from Austin Air. We are proud to be the number one internet distributor of this fine line of HEPA air purifiers. The Healthmate model is a continual top seller due to its solid performance and low cost of ownership.

The product is built with a steel housing and the surface is painted with the baked on powder finish that Austin Air is well known for. The Healthmate has a bottom plate that is easily removable to have access to the filter inside, however, since the Austin Air Healthmate has the ability to be vacuumed from the outside, the filter does not need to be changed every 3 months like most air purifiers.

The Austin Air Healthmate sits on casters, which makes it easier for a user to wheel to another location. It can clean air in a room up to 1,500 square feet and removes a variety of contaminants found in air.

The Healthmate removes odors, chemicals, pet dander, dust and pollen, which makes it a perfect fit for allergy suffers or chemically sensitive customers. The motor on this air purifier is a permanent split capacitor and is able to withstand continuous power at a high rate of RPMs. This means that the Austin Air purifier can be left on all day or all night, even on a high setting, and the motor will be able to handle the power exerted.

The air that exits these Austin Air air purifiers is safe and clean and can be breathed in by allergy and asthma sufferers without fear of experiencing an attack.

People who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity can also find relief with the use of the system. Since chemical fumes and odors are removed from the air by the Austin Air air purifier, it can be breathed in by people with the condition without feeling any effects

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