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BIG BAGS USA Flood Barrier System

Big Bags USA protective flood barrier systems consist of five, one cubic yard sandbags.

One Big Bags USA protective flood barrier system replaces 750 regular sandbags.

The dimensions of the system are 40” in height, 36” in width and 180” in length.

The light weight expandable accordion like, sandbags flood barrier enables one laborer to easily move the systems into position while using a minimum of storage.

Every individual one cubic yard sandbag is comprised of a woven high strength Polypropylene. Our polypropylene sandbags offer the highest in UV protection and an impenetrable woven waterside, protecting sand from contamination.

The result is a greater spectrum of end use of your resources. Every flood barrier has a fill capacity of 2,700-3,400 lbs. depending on moisture and clay content of the sand. The sandbags themselves and the utility loops have been rated at 4,400 lbs. leaving plenty space for marginal variables.

One five bag flood barrier system filled and deployed will weigh up to 17,000 lbs., considerably less than the 20,520 - 25,840 lbs. of a conventional sandbag barrier of the same dimensions.

The principal concept of Big Bags USA flood barrier systems is the ground conforming sandbags method without the “dead space” of conventional sandbags barriers.

Big Bags USA protective flood barrier systems are stackable for threats higher than the base 40”. Using a pyramid configuration, meaning for every vertical system you will need one horizontal system, compared to sandbags that have twice the base width compared to height.

Using this configuration, heights of 196” or more can easily be achieved. In situations when Big Bags USA flood barriers will receive over-topping or will be submerged, a closed top system is recommended. Close top flood barrier systems offer all the capabilities and dimensions as our open top systems, while providing the extra protection of enveloping fill material within the Big Bags USA flood barrier system.

The feature of the closed top systems prevents erosion and failure of your flood barrier system and protects against possible sedimentation introduction into the environment.

Big Bags USA protective flood barrier systems are ground conforming and therefore have the ability to be deployed on terrain that is uneven or unleveled with negligible preparations. The protective flood barrier system is well suited for corner and curved deployments. The systems are stackable directly on top of each other two systems tall, for higher stacking the pyramid method is advised.

In environments that are unreachable with standard equipment, Big Bags USA flood barrier systems are liftable for safe and effective deployment using our spreader bar.  Training and organization of labor is greatly reduced using the Big Bags USA barrier compared to conventional sandbags. Effectively utilizing a smaller unskilled labor force creates a larger margin in budgeting and mitigation compared to conventional a sandbags barrier.

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